Moy Regional Primary School

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We are delighted to welcome our new pupils to the Primary One and Two class in Moy Regional. We really hope you will enjoy your time in our school. 

Thanks to some beautiful weather during September, the children have really enjoyed their outdoor play sessions. They have been learning to work together, take turns, be creative, test out their ideas and refine their fine motor skills whilst being in the fresh air, experiencing nature at first hand. 

Within Numeracy we have been working on developing early sorting and counting skills.

Our topic for this term is 'All About Me'. We have been learning about the parts of our body.

Primary 1 have been learning early maths skills by playing games.

Can you guess what number rhyme we have been working on?

Primary 2 have been developing their literacy skills. We have been making CVC words using magnetic letters, writing simple plurals and using the iPads as part of our learning.

It's Autumn time in Moy Regional Primary!

Primary 1 and 2 have enjoyed exploring and comparing leaves. They even developed their fine motor skills by using hole punches.

P.1 and 2 fun in Autumn would not be complete without a leaf shower or two!

Primary One and Two have been enjoying their outdoor play sessions which have included pirate role play, potion making and enhancing fine motor control using hammers to mention a few!

As part of our Harvest celebrations, Primary One and Two decorated boxes by drawing pictures to show some of the people and things they are thankful for.

Lots of fun during our 'Autumn Fun Week'! The children enjoyed making and eating their owl treats. YUMMY! They looked and tasted so good!

Some photos from our Hallowe'en dress up day to end our Fun Week.

We have been learning about 2D shapes. Primary 1 made shape pizzas. Can you work out which type of topping the different shapes represent?

Our firework tuff spot creativity!

It's a Food Friday today! The children enjoyed their special snack of crusty bread, ham and cheese.

We have been learning about the characters from the Oxford Reading Tree storybooks and made cakes for Biff and Chip's birthday!

The children were learning about hedgehogs as part of their Autumn activities. Primary 1 made their hedgehogs from play dough with spaghetti spines, whilst P.2 hammered in nails to make their prickles.

Remembrance Day activities in P 1 and 2.

We had a super  Christmas trip to Peter Pan's Neverland. Look at all our happy faces!

Some photos from our festive 'Light Party"

The children proudly display their Christmas artwork.

It's been very busy in Santa's Workshop over the past number of weeks. Look at some of the activities we have been enjoying, such as working as elves to get the presents ready, designing stockings, decorating the tree and sorting letters for the post. 

More Santa's Workshop action!

Primary 1 and 2 enjoyed experiencing our Winter weather in our school grounds.

Welcome 2023! The children have been celebrating the new year!

What a fabulous model making by Primary 1 and 2!

Some fabulous hairstyles on ‘Crazy Hair Day’ as part of our ‘Break the Rules Week!’

Can you guess the nursery rhyme that we have been working on? Can you see we are putting him back together again?

We have been ordering the toys by height and using mathematical language such as 'tallest', 'shortest', 'taller than' and ' shorter than' to describe what we found. 

Primary 1 and 2 have been developing their understanding of length by engaging in lots of practical activities.

Primary 2 have been using marshmallows as non standard units of measure. We got to eat them afterwards!

We had great fun using the giant polydron to make very tall models. We also arranged various everyday household items and containers by height.

Primary 2 have been jumping backwards and forwards along the number line to work out the answers to addition and subtraction sums.

Congratulations to our pupils to have been working so hard on StudyLadder and have earned these certificates.

Lots of fun practical learning activities have been taking place in our classroom! Primary 2 have been investigating the ways to make 7 using the ‘cat’s  whiskers’ and Primary 1 have been counting using Cheerios threaded onto spaghetti, amongst other things!

Happy Valentines Day!

We have been thinking about the ‘Noah’s Ark’ bible story and had a go at making our own ark!

Primary 2 have been on the hunt around our school to find the objects beginning with ‘f’ and have been recording their answers using their clipboards.

Yummy! We are all ready to enjoy eating our veggies for our Food Friday!

We enjoyed a trip to Parkanaur where we went on a nature hunt, collected forest treasures and searched forminibe. We admired all the different trees and the fallow deer.

Practical numeracy underway as P.1 create their number pepperoni pizzas while P.2 work on their understanding of number doubles.


During work on our ‘Measures’ topic  we made our estimations as to which item was heavier and then checked using a 2-pan balance, recording our findings to show if we were correct.

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How could we think about the birds building their nests without making some of the chocolate variety? We all had the opportunity to help out and P.2 sequenced the instructions. 

Some interactive Easter colouring underway!

A little rain didn’t dampen our spirits as we hunted for Easter treats!

Bubble printing fun!

The finished artwork using our bubble prints to wish everyone a very happy Easter!

We enjoyed our day with members of the Methodist Church in Moy where we reflected on the Easter story through taking part in craft activities. A big thank you to Andy and his volunteers!

Springtime means time to get planting in our outdoor area.

Look at the fantastic horses and carriages we made as part of our Coronation celebration. 

We have been working hard on handling data. Primary 0ne were using Smartie colours to create their charts whilst Primary Two were collecting information by means of a tally chart. 

.We made a chart to show which pet is our favourite. 

Wishing all the Dads a very happy Fathers Day!

As part of our work on ‘Time’ we took our learning outside to make our own clocks to show o’clock and half past times. 

Primary One decorated their own analogue clock, positioned the numbers appropriately and placed the hands to show an o’clock time of their choice .

We enjoyed the stories of Dr.Seuss and even attempted to make our own version of ‘Green Eggs and Ham’!

We had a visit from the neighbourhood policing team. The children enjoyed exploring the police van and trying out the siren. Thankfully no arrests were made!

Excitement today as we released our butterflies after observing them grow and change from caterpillars. Not sure they wanted to leave though!

Lovely weather for some outdoor P.E.

Look at our fabulous entries for Armagh Show which linked to our topic work on living things and on the lifecycle of the butterfly.

Sports Day fun and end of term treats!

End of year prize winners in Primary One and Two.