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What a great way to end our school year, with a bouncy castle treat day…..and the sun shone! Have a lovely Summer break everyone!!

We enjoyed making our entries for Armagh Show! Some of us were even awarded special ribbons!

Here are our overall Sports Day winners in P.1 and 2. Well done to everyone for taking part and showing good sportsmanship.!

Primary One and Two had a great visit to Castlecaulfield Castle as part of our topic work for this term. We found the missing jewellery, explored the castle, listened to stories, played games and ended off the trip with a banquet!

Not only did we visit a real castle, we thought about all the features of castles, then P.2 made their own castles in groups. Can you guess which one was made by the boys and which one was made by the girls? 

Look at our fabulous Platinum Jubilee artwork, which will make great souvenirs of the occasion!,

We had a super day at our Platinum Jubilee celebration picnic. Lots of fun and food. We had a fantastic cake and the sun even shone!

Doesn’t our craftwork look really well! You can also see the sewing by some of the P.6 girls in this photo too! Super work everyone!

The entertainment at our Jubilee celebration was fantastic! We all really enjoyed ‘Aldo’ the magician. He did fantastic tricks and some of the children had the opportunity to be the stars of the show!

We had great fun on Sports Day, with an ice-cream treat to finish off with!

Primary One and Two have been really busy doing some planting in our school grounds! Hopefully our seeds and plants will grow!

Primary 2 used their own ideas to design their kites and had great fun testing them out on a windy day!

Whilst P.1 focussed on the formation of the letter ‘k’, P.2 were practising reading words that end in ‘ck’ by playing the fly swat game. 

Our cherry blossom trees look beautiful at this time of year. Primary One used their skills to create their own!

We have been reading about the Gruffalo. Primary 2 did a great job of modelling their own Gruffalo figures. They used fantastic levels of skill and concentration to include as many parts of the  Gruffalo’s body as they could. 

Our finished Gruffalos- don’t they look fabulous! Great work P.2!

Primary One and Two have been learning about 3D shapes. We have enjoyed making constructions with them and thinking about their properties.

Here we have Primary 2 working on their recognition of 3D shapes by taking part in a shape hunt around our school.


We really enjoyed going on our Easter egg hunt and searching for the treats left by the Easter Bunny!

Our Spring wall display

Easter art work completed as part of our Easter Fun Week

Enjoying our last day of gymnastics as part of our Healthy Kidz programme for this term. More fun activities to follow after the Easter break.

Primary One and Two received their hockey certificates from our coach Christine. Well done everyone!

We have been thinking about the real meaning of Easter and engaging in role play and craft activities

Winners in our Easter colouring competition

As part of our Easter Fun Week we made Chocolate Nests.


Easter themed interactive counting fun

Primary One and Two are being scientists and testing different materials to find out whether or not they are waterproof. They put teddy in a jar and were experimenting to find out if teddy would get wet or stay dry to work out the best material to use for an umbrella.

Great fun during our outdoor play sessions where we have been focussing on the theme of ‘Water’. We have been acting out the story of the Billy Goats Gruff crossing the river and taking part in a car wash and wash day role play scenarios. We have also been ‘watering ‘ our high frequency words, saying each one as we go! 

Primary 2 were working on making dictionaries for the letter ‘j’. They had to write a sentence to explain the meaning of the word or draw the picture. 

We have been learning about the life cycle of a frog

Frog themed addition for Primary 1

As you can see, our cress did really well and we all tried some in sandwiches!

Spring is a time for planting…….P.1 are hoping their cress seeds will grow

Primary 1 taking part in their counting activity, where they had to find the animal pictures around the school, count how many and record appropriately on their worksheet. 


P.1 and 2 want to show their love for and appreciation to their Mums on Mother’s Day.

The boys bring the story of Noah to life by creating their own ark!

Breaktime in the fresh air!

Time for some bubble painting fun!

Primary Two have been building CVCC words and recording them on their clipboards.

Lovely weather meant that we were able to enjoy our learning outdoors. We made clock faces and were able to show o’clock and half past times

We have been working on Time in Numeracy. Check out some of our practical learning experiences.

Lots of healthy vegetables to try on our ‘Food Friday’

More Number work fun, focussing on the number 9 this time. We made teeth for our crocodiles using play dough and designed our monsters with 9 eyes! We also learned how to form the number 9 correctly using the number 9 roadway and by tracing in salt.

Work in Numeracy is always more fun with food that you can enjoy afterwards. Check out our octopuses with 8 Cheerios on each tentacle and how we used marshmallows to set out the correct number of teeth in each mouth!

For World Book Day this year we read the story ‘One Fish,Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish’ by Dr Seuss. We then made ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish’ jelly. We added squirty cream and sprinkles as a topping before we tucked in!

Primary 2 brought a favourite story to school and completed these book reports.

As part of our work on positional language, Primary 2 took photographs of their favourite toys in different places and added a sentence using the iPad. They decided on the colour of page and text they wanted to use.

Primary 2 used letters to build CVC words and decide whether they were ‘real’ or ‘nonsense’ words before writing them into their books.

We helped Mrs Livingston to make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. We  decided what topping we would like and then we loved eating them!! YUMMY!


We had a visit from some of our school council members who were teaching us about the importance of washing our hands properly and keeping our school toilets clean. They even taught us a song and showed us a video. 

As part of our work in literacy,P.1 had fun using plasters to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.


We listened to the story of ‘Mrs Honey’s Hat’ and sorted out the things that she had on both her ‘old’ and ‘new’ hats. We talked about what made her hat change and even made our own!

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

We have been experimenting by drawing pictures on Perspex.

We have been working on syllables as part of our Literacy activities. 


Primary One and Two have been enjoying their weekly hockey sessions with CR Coaching. Here we have some  future hockey stars showing off their skills!

We have been experimenting using balances to compare the weight of objects and recording our findings. 

We have been thinking about the story of Rapunzel. Primary One were using the Giant Polydron to make the tower.

Primary 2 also had the opportunity to use the Giant Polydron. They used their ideas to make vehicles and test them out in the assembly hall. 

Rapunzel asked the Primary 2 boys to draw a ladder and make it long enough so the Prince could climb up to see her. They used non standard units to measure how tall it was. The P.2 girls drew and measured the length of Rapunzel’s hair. 

Primary 2 also used marshmallows and Smarties as non standard units to measure the length of the lines. 

Primary Two also made penguins of different heights as part of out ‘Measure’ topic. We even gave them names!

Primary One have been making snakes as part of our ‘Length’ topic  

Primary 2 have been busy building CVC words and participating in a ‘Write the Room’ activity to help with their spellings.

Primary 1 have been continuing to build up their skills in literacy and numeracy by taking part in various games and activities.


Primary One used their creativity to decorate their gingerbread men.

The beautiful Winter display by Primary Two!

Primary 2 shape pictures with a seasonal theme!

Primary Two display some of their finished Christmas snowmen and penguins

P.2 busy at work on their Christmas crafts

Elves in Primary One help to get the sleigh ready!

Working on creating repeating patterns

Have a look at our completed story maps below……

Primary 2 are working on their story maps to retell the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. They are thinking about the characters and story setting. To finish them off they will then add in some speech bubbles!

Fabulous entries in the NI 100 art competition by Primary 2 to celebrate one hundred years of Northern Ireland!


Musical ‘Walking for Wellness’ today,

Outdoor sporting fun during our Well-being Week with coach CJ!

P.2 have been working on alphabet sequence and on matching upper and lower case letters.. P.1 have been using playdough to make 2D shapes and shape pizzas.

Some of the colourful socks on display in P1 and 2 on ‘Odd Socks Day’ as part of Anti-bullying week.

Our fantastic poppy display for Remembrance Day

Don’t you just love Autumn! 
Primary One and Two have certainly been enjoying their Autumn activities, 

We have been counting, exploring leaves to make our leaf kebabs and hedgehogs, finger painting and making skeletons using cardboard tubes and cotton buds after reading the ‘Funnybones’ story. 


Primary One and Two enjoying a recent visit from Dogs Trust.

Look at this happy bunch of Primary One and Two pupils enjoying their Autumn dress up day!

 Nothing beats a visit from Mr. Whippy!

Fine motor fun using pumpkins!

Needless to say our special break time treat as part of our Autumn Fun Week was enjoyed by everyone in P1 and 2!

P.1 Autumn craftwork in progress.

The art and craft activities we completed during our Autumn fun week!

Some of the fabulous Autumn artwork by Primary 2! 

We had fun during our Autumn art activities and enjoyed the story ‘Funnybones’ after which we thought about our bones and matched them to the correct position in our bodies

Primary 1 making sets and playing ‘Pete the Cat’s button game.

Letter ‘s’ is our letter of the week.

The girls are making spotty and striped playdough snakes for the letter ‘s’. 

Literacy work on opposites and on making words plural by adding ‘s’. 
Primary 2 are also playing games to help learn their spellings.

Enjoying our musical activities!

A selection of our outdoor play activities for October.


Lovely to meet our new pupils on their first day!

Our first topic of the year focussed on COLOUR.
We enjoyed reading stories about colour and taking part in some art activities

Did you know colours can show feelings?
Can you tell how our wool wrapped monsters are feeling?

We sorted the ‘Fizz Bugs’ by colour using the interactive whiteboard 

We experimented by mixing new colours for Pete the Cat’s shoes!

We enjoyed interactive colouring in too and chose our favourite images to work on!

The Rainbow Fish story reminds us to share with others.

Look at the fantastic Rainbow Fish we made!

Lovely September weather meant we could enjoy lots of outdoor play!

Anyone fancy an ice cream from our ice cream parlour!

Click on our photos to see some of the things we have been up to!

Not only were we having good fun, we were developing important skills as well!

Working on early number recognition

Can you work out which number rhymes we have been learning?

Look how well we are working to develop our cutting sKills!

Primary 2 have been thinking about sorting using intersecting sets

We are working in pairs to sort the things that each of us like or that both of us like

Primary One have been busy practising their writing skills

Great fun today with our special visitor ‘Fitness Freddie’

Primary One and Two showing Fitness Freddy that they’ve got the moves!